Sirocco Final Conference, Civitavecchia, Italy 22 June 2018

Stakeholder Workshop, Civitavecchia, Italy 21 June 2018

5th Steering Committee, Civitavecchia, Italy 20 June 2018


SIROCCO aims to enhance the sustainability of cruise maritime/coastal tourism in the MED Area. The project is focusing on cruise, being a very important component of the whole Mediterranean maritime & coastal tourism sector, as it is characterised by strong economic growth, high value-adding potential for the local communities and significant challenges in conserving the Mediterranean natural and cultural heritage. Increasing the level of sustainability of cruise tourism will have a direct positive impact on the sustainability of coastal tourism as a whole in the Mediterranean.

SIROCCO's 'Sustainable Cruise Value Chain Action Plans' and ' Sustainable Cruise Tourism Joint Action Plan' will incorporate operational solutions for reducing the negative impacts of cruise maritime/coastal tourism in the MED. These solutions will be based on the outcomes of studying five real-life cruise value chains in different Mediterranean countries and will be migrated to the MED level.

SIROCCO, through its 'Regional and Interregional Policy Integration' will enhance and integrate cruise maritime/coastal tourism development into the wider strategies of five MED regions and identify ways for coordinating regional strategies. Moreover, through its 'Sustainable Cruise Maritime/Coastal Tourism Certification System' it is also expected to have a positive impact on 'Sustainable Tourism Public Policy' and 'Sustainable Tourism Management '.




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