Sirocco Final Conference, Civitavecchia, Italy 22 June 2018

Sirocco Final Conference, Civitavecchia, Italy 22 June 2018

On 22 June 2018 has been held in Civitavecchia the Final Conference of the Project organized by Port Authority System of the Centre-North Tyrrenian in cooperation with Lazio Region.

After institutional greetings, the Conference was opened by  the coordinator Mr. Marjan Dumanic, from PI RERA SD,  who illustrated Sirocco Project in terms of partners, budget, duration, structure and strategic goals.

Miss Laura Cimaglia, Vice-President of MedCruise, the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, analyzed the overall current scenario of the Cruise Market, the distribution of cruise traffic among Med Regions and the sectoral growth forecasts for 2030.


Mr John Portelli, General Director of Roma Cruise Terminal, described the most important milestones and 
results of the company in order to underline the role and the importance of ports in cruise market growth.
After these general and  sectoral speeches, the Conference focused on the description of the transnational 
strategies  applicable to the whole Med Area elaborated by the project.

Mr Aristos Halatsis, from greek partner Certh, addressed  the “Joint Action Plan for the Mediterranean cruise tourism sector” illustrating in particular the  strategic goals,  the structure and the main priorities of the Deliverable.

Mr. Gabriele Pistilli, from Sapienza University of Rome, presented the second Med Area Level Deliverable elaborated by Sirocco, the “Interregional strategy coordination recommendations”.

Mr. Pistilli analyzed the Output in terms of objectives and approach, clusters of policies, main recommendations and roles&responsibilities.

The final presentation  was given by Miss Roberta Pascolini from Lazio Region. Miss Pascolini listed the main outcomes of the Project for Lazio Region, the results that could be capitalized by the partners and the actions to be undertaken in the future in order to exploit Sirocco proposals.