Stakeholder Workshop, Civitavecchia, Italy 21 June 2018

Stakeholder Workshop, Civitavecchia, Italy 21 June 2018



Port Authority System of the Centre-North Tyrrenian organized in Civitavecchia on 21 June 2018  a Stakeholder Workshop with  the goal of analyzing  the current situation of Med Cruise sector and  elaborating  suggestions and proposals to increase its long-term competitiveness and sustainability.


The main problems of Med cruise sector highlighted by attendees during the event are the following:

§  the low level of expenditures incurred by tourists in destination areas. This makes more difficult the recovery of cruise port Investments;

§  small cruise ports are not capable of managing mass cruise tourism;

§  it is very difficult proposing alternative touristic options;

§  investment process in cruise destinations is too slow and bureaucratic because cruise ports are often owed by municipalities;

§  cooperation among stakeholders of the same destination is often missing;

§  scheduling of cruise ship arrivals is not balanced.


In order to increase the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the  sector, participants have elaborated some advices and referrals :

§  it is necessary to improve cooperation among stakeholders operating within the same port destination;

§  synergies among cruise ports of different Med countries must be strengthened also to balance the scheduling of cruise ships arrivals;

§  the level of investments in cruise port infrastructures must be increased;

§  the diversification of  tourist offer is very important  in order to raise the level of expenditures incurred in port destinations.

The Workshop has been attended by representatives of project partners, Greek Port Association,  Split Dalmatia County and Civitavecchia cruise value chain as port agents, customs brokers, cruise ancillary services suppliers, ship agents, tour operators, port general service providers.