What we achieve

 Sirocco Project  aims at:

  • integrating data and closing data gap
  • providing solutions for enhancing the environmental, social and economic sustainability of MED    cruise value chains
  • developing a certification system for cruise tourism sustainability 
  • integrating policy responses at the regional, inter-regional and macro-regional level

The users of the project outputs will be  both public and private representatives of the cruise ecosystem and the locally affected communities, national or local government authorities, politicians, civil society organizations and businesses established in all the EU Mediterranean coastal area such as:

  • regional authorities (MED maritime and coastal regions)
  • MED cruise ports (small / large ports, island/coastal ports, homeports/ visiting ports) and their national, regional and EU associations (i.e. Greek cruise council, MED cruise, Marseille Cruise Club etc)
  • tourist Associations and Chambers of Commerce (established on the MED maritime and coastal regions)
  • relevant associations (eg island networks, energy and environmental associations)

SIROCCO will ensure the durability of its main outputs by:

  • transferring VC-specific results to the members of each Cruise Value Chain
  • transferring regionally integrated strategies to the regions involved for implementation
  • transferring the Joint Action Plan and the Interregional Coordination recommendations to Member States, Macro-regional coordination bodies and the MED Programme
  • migrating project results into pilot scenarios for an M2 follow-up proposal

SIROCCO will ensure results applicability by verifying them through a 3-layer approach:

  • associated partners involvement during outputs' 'generation'
  • stakeholders' validation through Regional Workshops
  • a MED-wide e-consultation (SIROCCO e-Forum)